Challenges facing HR managers

July, 2015

  • The changing nature of organisations across the world emphasises the need to understand and manage upcoming changes in the workplace demographic composition, technological and societal shifts.
  • How to institute a performance­based pay structure and culture that will drive every stroke of work? Conducting regular assessments on matters related to employee pay, work environment, management and promotional opportunities enables organisations to foster progress and development.
  • In addition to this, to measure the impact of diversity initiatives, HR department needs to develop tools such as company­wide surveys. This would demonstrate any possible issues that surface out of these initiatives.
  • How to identify and lock in high performers (based on risk analysis) and how to acquire high performers (you have tried and not been able to attract)? As the workforce demographics continue to change, it is imperative for HR managers to understand what it takes to high performing employees perhaps this would mean better salaries, prestige or even autonomy at work. How to sharpen critical competencies for tough times and lean living?
  • Given the rapidly changing modern business environment and the diverse working population, organisations in both the developed and developing nations are increasingly under pressure to initiate and implement creative solutions to attract and retain high performing employees.
  • How to drive towards a lean, simple and minimalist culture, including rewards and recognitions for living these values? How to institute a regimentation of performance indicators as the basis of management decision making and individual performance measurement? How to develop lean and robust processes (on a clean­slate basis), thus objectively exposing the excess and reducing process time?
  • With the advent of newer technologies that facilitates communication, organisations may employ these to not only cater to distant clients but also form cross­border multi­functional teams, thereby attracting best talents in the industry and establishing a team to improve productivity.
  • Successful organisations are becoming increasingly adaptable, fostering change, and customer focused. Hence HR managers need to manage effectively through planning, initiating, implementing and controlling the human resource.