Challenge your own thoughts

July, 2016

  • We live in an “Always On” world. A world driven by clicks, likes, shares and retweets. 
  • The worth of an opinion is gauged by the buzz around it and not by the “quality of the buzz” around it.
  • Consequently, little thought is being applied to what we say. The world today is in trouble because of this. Fancy sounding acronyms are used as a veil behind which one is able to hide an otherwise unremarkable product.
  • Quite often sub-optimal decisions are made purely due to unwanted noise which clouds one’s judgement.
  • Greed, Ego and Materialism has turned us into people who know the price of everything, but the value of nothing.
  • We need to retrain our brains to think clearly and think freely. Only then will we be able to fix the world around us. We need to become thought masters i.e master our thoughts. Simply, thought mastery is a purposeful, systematic and yet, conceptually simple way of forming clear thoughts.
  • But first, you need to go back to “Ground Zero”. Start with an uncluttered mind free of any biases, block out some quality time from your schedule, and make sure to plant yourself in a location which would allow you to think freely.
  • Next, start to think. But begin from the fundamentals. This method of structured thinking is very effective.  Just ask Elon Musk, the billionaire CEO of Tesla Motors.
  • Get into the habit of reading and make it a point to read stuff from different domains. It will help you to see multiple perspectives.
  • Don’t forget to challenge your own thoughts. Your brain can trick you. Whoever said “think twice before you leap” was right.
  • Finally, hang around people who would challenge your thinking. Everyone has something to bring to the table. Muscles grow when they are stimulated and your brain is no exception.

Over time, you’ll start to “Think Different”!