How you can become a real game changer

July, 2016

  • Deep down, everyone wants to be a hero. The ambitious ones among us, dream of changing the world. This crowd can be divided into two subsets. Those who manage to do, and those who don’t. Let’s take a closer look at these so called “Game Changers”.
  • First of all, why change the game? For one, something might be broken and you may desire to change it. Second, it just might be below par and you might yearn to change it.
  • But what pushes people to change things? What is the motivation behind individuals who have brought about change?
  • Research has shown that it can either be due to an experience (something inflicted upon them) or due to a push by someone else (influenced by someone).
  • Finally, if you want to be a game changer, what do you need to have? Arguably, the biggest weapon you have is your mind.
  • However, it doesn’t come ready-to-use. You need to let go of unhelpful/ unproductive thoughts and also “thought prisoners” i.e. negative attitudes.
  • You need to learn to approach everything with a clean slate and free of any biases. Obviously, it is easier said than done.
  • You need to be able to imagine and visualize your success, keep your ego in check, accept and face challenges with vigour, build a great team (if needed), a “let’s get it done” attitude, a relentless focus on the goal and also a sprinkling of bravery to be able to say “to hell with it” when the situation demands it.
  • You also need to be aware of what can hold you back. This part mostly boils down to society and your own thinking. You need to be cautious of thoughts like “what will they say”, “that’s not nice” and “don’t upset the apple cart etc.”
  • Go forth and change the game!