There is no better time

March, 2020

The panic is causing disruption, in some cases complete stoppage or reduction of business-as-usual.

This means we have less work and more time in hand. Significant reduction in meetings, conferences, travel, corporate cocktails, gala awards and all which fills up a normal busy work day.

What will you do with all the spare time in hand?

There is no better time to ‘invest’ in those important but not urgent tasks (quadrant 2 per Covey) that have always taken the back seat – in favor of the always ‘busyness’ madness. Use this time to invest on those important but not urgent task, reflect on the fundamentals of your business and your life.

For Corporate Executives addicted on always ‘busyness’, this may not be an easy switch. Learn to un-wind, practice mindfulness, reflect on the life on earth.

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