It’s not the crisis that will cripple your business…

April, 2020

It’s your business response to the crisis

  • Extensive research and MTI’s own international experience (across 47 countries in the 23 years) shows that how businesses respond to the crisis is what separates those that ‘survive and thrive’ from the ‘departed’.
  • Most organizations tend to indiscriminately cut costs, freeze all forms of development work and adopt a ‘wait & see’ approach. We call them ‘Chop & Cripple’ companies.
  • By contrast, smarter companies (we call them ‘Trim & Fit’ companies), while prudently cautious, uses the crisis period as an opportunity to critically evaluate every aspect of its Strategy, Structure, Staff and Systems, challenging every dollar and every stroke of work as to the value added.
  • They also see the upside of acquiring low valued assets, strengthening their market position (given lower level of competitive/marketing activity) and gearing their organizations for the upturn.