The Royal-Thomian

March, 2023

Only a handful of Sri Lankan companies have been in existence for over 100 years. However, for 144 consecutive years (through two world wars and many local show stoppers), the Royal-Thomian has been played. On the verge of the 144th  encounter, we reflect on what organisations can learn from the Royal-Thomian. 

The ‘power’ of two competing ‘brands’ synergizing to create an experience much ‘larger’ than either could. 

The ‘power’ of tradition (as part of the organizational DNA) – that delivers far more than following a process manual.

The ‘power’ of alumni affinity and volunteering – that ensures effective project management involving a multitude of diverse stakeholders.

The ‘power’ of teaming – with no hierarchical organizational structures 

Now it’s time to enjoy the ‘power’ of fun!!