MTI insights on Employee Engagement at Euro-Conference in Spain

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MTI’s HR Thought Leadership Team, led by Darshan Singh, was selected by the CMAE European Conference in Spain, to share learnings and research findings to 135 leaders and managers from 23 countries around the world.

The session recognized the importance of employee engagement in achieving a sustainable competitive advantage in any business and even more so in the service-orientated golf industry.

While every golf club manager dreams of passionate, engaged employees who come into work every day ready for the challenges that lie ahead, the session addressed the fact that the reality is more complicated. Many different factors influence how employees approach their work and this can make instilling passion a difficult challenge. A workforce that lacks passion will miss out on valuable business opportunities for the club on a daily basis.

Hence the presentation emphasized that in order to create employee passion, golf club managers need to care about their employees’ work environment, what they do and their relationships. Creating a sense of pride towards their job is an important step towards building employee passion. Employees should feel as if they are a vital part of the team in order to create an atmosphere where everyone works ‘hard and smart’ for the club.

The intended outcome of the session by Darshan, whose passion lies in developing people to reach their full potential, was to enable the participants to have employees who are highly passionate and motivated about their jobs.

Darshan’s presentation was met with excellent feedback from organizers and participants alike, with Darshan being requested to present at next year’s conference as well.

MTI Consulting is an internationally-networked, boutique management consultancy enabling clients to ‘Analyze > Strategize > Realize’ profitable business opportunities. Since its inception in 1997, MTI has worked on over 630 assignments in over 42 Countries spanning five continents, covering a diverse range of industries, clients and business challenges. MTI has been at the cutting-edge of thought leadership on strategy, having developed several strategic planning models and frameworks and having presented at over 150 conferences around the world.

Photo: MTI’s International HR Consultant Darshan Singh engaging with the European Audience in Marbella, Spain

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