We offer advisory services in Strategy, Strategic Planning, Corporate Re-structuring, Process Re-engineering, Performance Management, International Market Entry, Feasibility Studies, Due Diligence, Corporate Finance, M&A, HR, Executive Search / Head Hunting, Marketing Strategy, Branding and Market Research.

Strategic Direction and Planning

Based on the internationally acclaimed MTIs 8S® and 6C Model – enabling businesses to chart their strategic direction through detailed analysis of an organization’s historical performance, business model, and its surrounding business environment while subsequently aligning their internal organization through – Strategy, Structure, Staff Systems and Straction.

Business Model Re-structuring / Disruption

Revamping or reconstructing an organization’s business model with a proven and tested approach, resulting in the organization’s adaptation to the dynamism of the external environment and the enhancement of its competitive edge.

Market Entry & Feasibilities

Diligent assessment of the feasibility of market entry and the resulting probability of success through an in-depth study of the targeted market, go-to-market approach, business model (inclusive of an evaluation of projected financials), and functional capability and capacity.

Corporate Re-structuring

Appraising an organization’s structure and hierarchy in view of its strategic objectives, subsequently followed by a meticulous process of re-structuring, thereby curbing inefficiencies and eliminating redundancies while ensuring an equivalent, if not, improved level of corporate capability.

  • “The President’s Office is closely monitoring this strategic initiative and he has been taking a personal interest in the year long process that is being effectively managed with MTI’s advice.”
    - Tariq Ikram

    Pakistan Federal Minister of State & Chief Executive

  • “MTI’s program helps you to gain a better insight of your business and upon implementing the 8S Model, strategies for achieving competitive advantage can be effectively developed.”
    - James Grech


Process Re-engineering

Simplifying the complexities of operation through an assessment of all business processes, followed by a redesign of processes and/or process elements deemed passive or unproductive, and standardization of similar processes across departments and companies. MTI ensures comprehensive final documentation of all processes.

Performance Management

Establishing metrics and procedures in line with an organization’s goals, in order to effectively measure and manage the performance of the organization as a whole as well as the individual components of which it is comprised. Through this, MTI strives to instill a performance-oriented culture within the organization.

Supply Chain Management

Improving an organization’s margins by refining the agents and activities involved in moving a product/service from its raw material stage to the retail shelf. By developing an all-encompassing and integrative supply chain plan, MTI optimizes the cost, efficiency and value proposition of an organization.

Strategic Sourcing

The MTI approach establishes a highly informative strategic perspective of the organization’s supply chain, followed by the development of a 360 degree supply chain solution where each initiative is considered in relation to the bottom-line. Through this, MTI ensures an improvement in sourcing capability and cost optimization.


MTI considers sustainability and social responsibility from a holistic perspective, placing it in the context of the organizational purpose and broader strategic direction. Through this approach, which closely examines the organization’s entire value chain, MTI develops a comprehensive framework to strategically undertake sustainability and social responsibility.

  • “MTI was given the task of mapping and recommending our Sales and Service Processes, which they have effectively delivered”
    - Dr. Micheal Bitzer

    CEO - Daman

  • “MTI’s approach has highlighted key focus areas, reviewed risk and best practices, and vitally linked up to creation of customer value.”
    - Manjula De Silva

    Former Managing Director

Incorporation Facilitation

By mapping the incorporation process, acting as a liaison with authorities, handling documentation, and providing experienced-based advisory services, MTI offers a turnkey solution allowing for both foreign and domestic incorporation.

M&A | Investment Facilitation

For organizations in an inorganic growth phase or those in proactive search for new opportunities as part of their growth strategy, MTI develops a strategic road map for mergers and acquisitions comprising relevant goals and objectives. Furthermore, MTI facilitates the execution of mergers or acquisitions inclusive of the handling of legal affairs.

Due Diligence | Valuations

Following the conceptualization of the valuation methodology, MTI appraises businesses and/or projects to establish their assets (tangible and intangible) and liabilities in order to determine a commercial value considered fair by all parties involved in the transaction.

Equity & Debt: Structuring & Sourcing

Ensuring consistent growth by developing an optimal capital structure with regard to the specific requirements, scale and nature of the organization, followed by the pursuit of cost-effective sources of funding.

Investment Facilitation

MTI provides highly in-depth and comprehensive insight and analysis of equity investment opportunities, assisting investors in their decision-making process, and allowing them to apitalize on available opportunities and make the maximum possible return on their investments

Risk & Governance

By taking a systematic approach to assess the risks an organization is subject to (with regard to, for instance, a growing body of legislation, or dealing with an increased number of stakeholders), MTI proposes remedial action (based on the regulations and best practices of the country and its operating environment) to enhance an organization’s governance, risk management and compliance.

The above constitutes the full suite of MTI solutions. In some countries, we may not have the license to offer all these solutions.

  • “Looking back we are extremely pleased with that decision which has paid off significantly as reflected in our business performance and financial results.  MTI played a pivotal role in this exercise and did so while getting the buy-in and inclusiveness of our team.”
    - Harold S. Edwards


Organizational Design

Determining the most effective organizational structure required to execute an organization’s strategies by conceptualizing a robust and flexible structure from the ground up while preparing the organization for change.

Manpower Planning

Forecasting an organization’s future human resource requirement while simultaneously assessing its current human capital availability in order to bridge the gap between the two in an exercise of manpower, career, and succession planning, thereby ensuring the timely availability of effective human resources.

Executive Search & Resourcing

By developing specific recruitment and selection processes, tools and criterion, MTI sources pivotal senior managerial talent who possess the required competencies while complementing the organizational culture.

Compensation & Benefits

Through industry benchmarking surveys, MTI determines and structures the sums, brackets and forms of remuneration received by employees across all levels of an organization inclusive of senior leadership.

Competency Mapping & Development (Training)

Establishing the precise competencies among the specific key employees that require further development in order to collectively achieve a corporate’s strategic objectives. MTI performs this by conducting a job-based competency audit in order to establish current and future required competencies, and contrasting this against an assessment of current competency levels.

Employee Engagement

Evaluating the effectiveness of an organization’s work atmosphere with regard to the degree of satisfaction and motivation among employees. Furthermore, MTI provides recommendations to improve overall satisfaction and thus performance, in order to surpass and expedite the achievement of corporate goals.

Performance Appraisal Systems

Acknowledging the complexities within an organization and its job roles, developing a comprehensive approach to measuring individual and collective employee performance, establishing informed processes to set standards and address any deviations from these standards, and attempting to instill a performance-driven culture.

  • “We have benefited from MTI’s HRM advisory services & found them a shining example that shows how capability and knowledge can intersect.”
    - M. Haroon Qassim

    Managing Director - PharmEvo

  • “MTI has made a significant contribution to training development in Bahrain and has put Bahrain on the world training map”
    - Ahmed Al Banna

    Former President

  • “MTI HRM Solutions has adopted a very systematic approach to identifying our needs, profiling and aligning HR to meet the demands of a fast growing organisation.”
    - Vish Govindasamy

    Managing Director

Channel Management

Through the development of the optimal channel mix, the determination of each channel’s intensity and role, and the alignment of channel partners with the organization’s messaging and value proposition, MTI formulates customized and highly effective channel management strategies.

Service Quality & Delivery

Through a highly analytical process that examines every aspect of the organization that determines service quality, MTI proposes specific initiatives for every micro-level of the organization in order to ensure service quality and customer experience via competencies, processes, culture, motivation, and performance management.

Brand Strategy

Ensuring sustainable brand profitability through the development of a strategy that encapsulates an understanding of the brand’s environment and domain, refinement of its architecture and focus, establishment of its distinguishing identity, generation of its demand, management of its sourcing, and continuous measurement of its health.

Research & Analytics

MTI provides comprehensive insight for highly informed decision making through the conduct of research and surveys including (but not limited to) usage and attitude studies, competitor tracking and mystery shopping, company, industry and country profile establishment, and market trend analysis.

  • “The senior management team of BKIC-GIG  were actively involved in this strategically critical exercise, which included a detailed review of the regional insurance market challenges and opportunities”
    - Ebrahim Al-Rayes

    CEO of BKIC

  • “MTI’s understanding and commitment to market research helps lead to effective strategies”
    - Stuart Campbell

    Former Regional Managing Director - Middle East

Strategy-enabling Technology Planning

Formulating a comprehensive technological plan presenting the software, hardware, systems and processes required, as well as their contribution (value) to the organization, and their cost by evaluating an organization’s existing technology and assessing their future technological requirements.

Technology Optimization for Business Impact

By obtaining a complete view of the usage of technology within an organization, MTI assesses effectiveness and efficiency, and identifies the areas requiring rectification. In order to foster business growth, MTI enforces best practices and optimizes the way systems and people are being used.

Business-enabling Web Strategy

In order to establish a significant web presence, MTI acknowledges an organization’s business needs and translates it to web-based action by identifying their target audience and their behaviour online, establishing performance targets, formulating an appropriate mix of web initiatives, selecting the tools and technologies, developing specifications, and finally executing the strategy while optimizing it continuously.

  • “MTI’s Pre-ERP audit focused not only on strategic management business insights but hands-on, real, on the ground challenges and requirements, casting these needs across business priorities and future readiness.”
    - Christopher Joshua

    Executive Director - Access Engineering