MTI continues projects in 5 countries via Remote Value-addition

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For assignments in Denver, London, Dhaka, Thimphu & Delhi

Despite the Corona Crisis, that is radically disrupting normal business operations worldwide, MTI Consulting has now shifted to a Remote Value-addition Model for 5 on-going international projects.

“While some on-going projects and potential projects in the pipeline have come to a grinding halt, we have been able to continue work on 5 of our international projects via remote value-addition. It certainly is challenging time for our clients and for us in consulting, who depend on derived demand from our client businesses. This certainly is challenging us to radically re-think conventional practices and come up with situationally prudent approach to value-addition,” said Hilmy Cader, CEO of MTI Consulting.

In Delhi and Thimphu, MTI are working on a market-entry project for the Bank of Bhutan to enter India. Up until week-before, primary research was being done in person, but has now shifted entirely to electronic formats, with in-depth interviews and consultations being done via Conference Calls.

In London and Denver, MTI are carrying out periodic strategy-implementation audits for Teatulia, via multi-country conference calls. In Dhaka, there are two major projects (one in supply chain and another in terms of Corporate Re-structuring), that are continuing via remote value-addition.

In terms work by the MTI team of Consultants and Analysts, all have shifted to working remotely (from their homes) and this has enabled all the back-end research, analytics and deliverables development to continues unhindered.

MTI Consulting is an internationally-networked  boutique management consultancy, enabling businesses to strategize, re-structure, enter international markets, process re-engineer, improve business performance and optimize human performance. In the last 23 years, we have carried  projects in 47 countries – working with global and regional players.

Photos: Hilmy Cader (CEO), Darshan Singh (Middle East & Europe), Darshana Buragohain (South Asia), Jason Cordier (Asia Pacific)

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