MTI launches ‘Trim & Fit’ – for post-Covid challenges & opportunities

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Based on how businesses world over have responded to the previous economic crisis and their own international experience (assignments in 47 countries over 23 years) , MTI Consulting has launched the latest version of ‘Trim & Fit’ – specifically to meet the post-COVID-19 challenges and opportunities.

MTI’s Trim & Fit Approach is a Performance-Driven Consulting Solution to help companies to prevail (not just survive) the tough times and seize upside opportunities. It takes a ‘direct-2-bottomline’ route, thus ensuring sustainable results with the optimum level of resources. The entire process of change is lean and effective, which is further reinforced in the recommendations and outcomes.

Addressing international media on the launch of ‘Trim & Fit’, MTI’s CEO Hilmy Cader said, “A common feature in all financial crisis’ that the world has faced over since the Tulip Crisis in 1637 to current Covid-19 Crisis, is the failure of some of the strongest companies that enjoyed meteoric rise in the good times. Research clearly shows that, how companies respond to the crisis, is what separates the ‘living’ from the ‘departed’.”

According to MTI, most organizations tend to cut costs indiscriminately, freeze all forms of developmental work and adopt a ‘wait & see’ approach. MTI calls them the ‘Chop & Cripple’ companies. By contrast, the Smarter Companies (MTI calls them ‘Trim & Fit’ companies), while being prudently cautious, use crisis periods as opportunities to critically evaluate every aspect of their Strategy, Structure, Staff and Systems, challenging every dollar and every stroke of work as to the value added. These companies also see the upside of acquiring low valued assets, strengthening their market position (given the lower level of competitive / marketing activity) and gear their organizations for the upturn.

Think “Why it happens?”
Before responding to “What Happens”

Hilmy Cader – CEO

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