MTI launches Programmatic M&A Integration

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To optimize the upside of the economic crisis

MTI Consulting,  benefiting from their extensive international experience across Asia, Africa, and Middle East, has launched a solution for Programmatic M&A (Mergers and Acquisitions) Integration. The economic crisis locally and slowing down of the major global economies, provides an ideal opportunity for businesses to scale-up their portfolio.

“Most businesses tend to approach M&A on an opportunistic and transactional basis, often tempted by ‘Transactional Brokers’ who dangle tempting deals, resulting in rushed decisions under time pressure. Once a business is acquired, there is tendency to take a quick ‘plug-in’ approach to an existing legacy business architecture. Thus, the full impact of the acquisition is not optimized, in some cases leading to strategic, structural, and cultural conflicts. This is where a scientific approach to the entire M&A process, from portfolio strategy to integration to business rationalization, come in,” said Hilmy Cader, CEO of MTI Consulting.

Programmatic M&A Integration, according to MTI Consulting, is a strategic process that starts with a clear portfolio strategy, followed by defining ideal targets, including consortiums, incubators, and accelerators. This is followed by an on-going process of prospecting for the identified targets, providing them with a mutually beneficial, compelling value proposition, as opposed to a ‘Shark’ looking to gobble smaller entities.  Once a business is acquired, a purposeful integration strategy needs to be in place, which may require some rationalization of existing business units and offerings portfolios.

MTI Consulting is an internationally-networked boutique strategy consultancy – having carried out 680 projects across 51 countries – in the last 25 years

Photo: MTI Consulting CEO Hilmy Cader and Director (MTI North America) Naush Beg

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